Home Sleep Test Instructions


Please follow the instructions you received in the box. 


If you received a different device from us, instructions are included within the box that was shipped to you.
If you did not receive the instructions or need additional assistance, please contact us at

Step 1:

Open the box and read the instructions provided thoroughly

Step 2:

Confirm that a return label was included.

Step 3:

Complete your sleep study within 72 hours.

Step 4:

Ship the unit back using the return label that was included with your device.


As you are taking your test, complete the forms and return them in the box with the device when you are finished.

Some Tips For You


Tip #1

Make sure you take the time and go over the instructions before starting your test.


Tip #2

Do not be afraid of the testing device.  Note this device is more comfortable than having to sleep at an overnight lab where you would be wearing over 20 probes on your body to monitor your sleep.


Tip #3

If you wake up during the night to use the restroom, do not remove the device. There is no need to stop and restart the device so that it knows when you fall back asleep.


Tip #4

On your sleep study nights, do not change your normal habits (sip wine or take medications before you sleep). We want to record you in your most natural setting and behavioral pattern.


Tip #5

Should you have any challenges while wearing our device, contact the SleepArchitects Patient Support Line: (949) 347-5070.



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